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Task restore

Allows to restore data packed with a task from the archive.

White Backup Task restore window

Window is divided into two parts: source archive files (left panel) and destination folder (right panel). Window contains the following elements:

  1. Source folder.
    You may select a folder from the pop-up list to select the needed archive file for restoration. At that folder window will be changed in a proper way Button allows moving to the parent folder.
  2. Select file window.
    Shows files in the selected folder(1). Only file types those are selected from the pop up list (4) are shown. To select a file you must click once (using left mouse button) on it and its name will appear in the field (3). With right mouse click you can access the context menu which associated with a file. With a double mouse click the standard action for the current file type will be executed. (e.g.: file opening or editing in text editor.) After the window have appeared the newest archive zip file will be selected from the folder of an action of a restoring task.
  3. Archive file name field.
    Contains an archive file name which is to be unpacked. White Backup allows to unpack only zip archives.
  4. File type.
    One can select a file types to be shown in (2) window in the pop up list.
  5. Password.
    In this field you can define a password which will be used for the files packed in the archive. This field is initialized with a password which is taken from an action of the restoring task (If an action in this task was protected with a password.)
  6. Ask user for a password.
    If this box is checked a user will be asked for a password in case of an error when entering the password. Otherwise the files with an incorrect password will be canceled.

Destination folder parameters:

  1. Folder tree.
    Having chosen a destination folder you will see it in the field (8). By default a destination folder is taken from the action parameters of a restoring task.
  2. Destination folder.
    Contains the full path to a folder where the archive file is stored.
  3. If a file already exists

    If a processed file is already exists in the destination folder an action from the pop up list will be executed:

    • Overwrite with a new file
    • Cancel a new file (Old file will left in the destination folder)
    • Add a number to a new file name
    • Ask a user for an action in a dialog window.

    Program asks a user for an action in a dialog window by default.

  4. Destination folder hierarchy mask.
    This field is active only when the box is checked on. It allows a user to add relative path with file name of the unpacked archive. This path may be hierarchical (Including several subfolders.) Formatting masks <n> and <e> in this case are corresponded to the file name and extension of an archive to be unpacked. If relative path is not defined files will be unpacked to the destination folder with consideration of relative paths inside the archive. Pop up list contains paths entered before in a chronological order. Button allows entering formatting masks which can be chosen from the pop up menu.
  5. Confirmation buttons.
    If an archive to be unpacked and unpacking path is selected in the window (3) restore button becomes active (Otherwise it is blocked.). On click it is closed and restoration process begins (Selected archive will be unpacked). Cancel button simply closes the window without performing any actions.

Jun 14, 2006

New version 1.0.18 is released.


Sep 20, 2005

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