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Execute parameters window

It allows you adjusting parameters of an application which is launched by an action.

Action execute parameters

Window contains of following elements:

  1. Application name and icon.
    If file path is correctly entered to the field(2) application name and its icon will be shown in this window.
  2. Executable file.
    Contains full path to an application file. Besides executable file you may enter document files. If an application is associated with the current document it will be launched. For example, if you have entered path readme.txt file Notepad will be launche and readme.txt will be opened using it. Button allows you select needed file in dialog window. Pop-up list keeps filenames entered before in a chronological order.
  3. Work directory.
    It contains work directory of an executable application. Some programs search for additional files in work directory. If work directory is not defined it is considered that it is coincide with directory where executable files is stored in. Button lets you select needed directory in dialog window. Pop up list keeps paths entered before in a chronological order.
  4. Run parameters.
    Here you can enter parameters line which will be used by an application. Pop up list keeps entered parameters in a chronological order.
  5. Show mode
    You can select window show mode for an application.
    • Normal window size
    • Minimized to task panel
    • Full screen mode
  6. Wait for terminate.
    If a checkbox is checked on action will wait for the termination of an application launched. In case when document is selected as executable file and it was opened in the already launched application program will not wait for termination. If a box is unchecked action is terminated after application launch
  7. Terminate application when task stops.
    This box is active only if the checkbox (5) is checked on. If it is checked on and a task is stopped by a user action will terminate application execution and unload it from system memory. Otherwise after stopping the task application will remain launched.

Jun 14, 2006

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