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Getting started

Let's imagine a typical office work based on Microsoft Office documents. *.doc, *.rtf, *.xls, *.ppt and other files are stored in C:\Email\ folder after mail program processing. The problem is to sort files hierarchically like Z:\Archive\2004\Apr\27... to keep all files in order. Microsoft Office files will be stored in the Documents folder,other files will be stored in the Other folder. In addition we will copy files to C:\Print folder for future printing.

Having launched the program you must create a new task using button and name it. Then you must define source and destination folders, where sorted fill will be stored. You can select files by pressing button. First action is copying source files to create hierarchical structure.

Set task name

We will use C:\Email as source folder and Z:\Archive as destination folder.

Select source folder

Having defined the folders it is needed to adjust action parameters. To perform the first action you must enter document masks in the source parameters. "Search in subfolders" box is not needed to be checked on in this action

Set source files filter

Define folders hierarchy in destination parameters for Documents folder.

Set destination parameters

You have done the first action Copy twice the first action and change action type (Copy) to Move and folder (Z:\Archive) to C:\Print for the second action Z:\Archive to C:\Print. Then you must uncheck Use hierarchical folder box.

Adding new action

Let's move to the third action. Firstly you must change change action type (Copy) to Move but you need to blank file masks in the source parameters. Change folder Documents to Other in destination parameters.

Task actions

As a result we have three actions. The first is used for selection of Microsoft Office files from the source files and copying then into Documents folder using date hierarchical structure. The second is used for moving the same files to Print folder for future printing. The third action moves other emailed files not being documents into Other folder.

The last operation is scheduling a task. You must leave it by default and run it manually after getting mail. If your mail is checked automatically it is recommended that you will launch a task on a schedule. For example, you may set up launching a task in every thirty minutes. Time period may be adjusted in action parameters.

Set task schedule

All is done. Now you must activate a task to be executed.

Activate task schedule


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