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Task list

Every task is marked with a rectangle containing control elements inside. Use right scroll bar to navigate task list.

White Backup task list

Every task contains the following elements:

  1. Run/pause button
    It may look like or depending on launched task or not. To run a task or pause it you must click on the button.
  2. Change task activity button.
    It may look like or depending on task activity. You can change task activity by pressing on this button. Active tasks may be run with a hotkey or on a schedule.
  3. Task name.
    Shows the task name. Task names may be the same. Task name is underlined if the mouse cursor is moved to the task name. By clicking on it you can open edit task window:

    It is possible to open edit task even if a task is executing. At that you cannot change action parameters and action statuses will indicate the action progress.
  4. Background rectangle.
    Shows selection status in the task list:
    Task is selected in the list. All operations(toolbar buttons) will be applied to this task. At that list is active and you are able to change selected task using arrow keys and scroll the list with mouse wheel.
    Task is selected bu the list is not active. Program focus is on another window element of the program. To make the list active click once on an every task in the list.
    Task is highlighted when you move mouse cursor on a rectangle
    Task is inactive and not highlighted.
    Double mouse click on a rectangle opens edit task window
  5. Task status.
    Shows current task status:
    Task is active and will be executed. It may be launched with a hotkey if it is defined.
    Task is inactive and may not be launched with a hotkey or on a schedule.
    Task is being edited now and cannot be launched.
    Task is active and will be executed on a schedule. Timer indicates the remained time before execution.
    Task is executing now. Task is indicated with a progress bar.
    Task is paused now. Task is indicated with a progress bar.

Jun 14, 2006

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