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Task parameters

Task parameters are located in the panel which can be minimized to caption. Use left mouse click on the panel caption or Alt + Underlined symbol in the caption to maximize/minimize panel.

White Backup Task parameters

Task parameters panel contains three tabs:

  1. General

    Task parameters, General

    Contains the following elements:

    1. If the box is checked on all actions will be terminated if an error will be occurred in the task (e.g.: file copying error). Otherwise the task will execute all active actions independently of errors.
    2. If the box is checked on the current action will be terminated if an error will be occurred in the action. Otherwise action will be executed independently of errors.
  2. Hot key

    Allows to assign the global hot key for action execution.

    Task Parameters, Hot key

    Contains the following elements:

    1. Enter a hot key here. To assign a hot key you must keep Alt, Ctrl or Shift button pressed (or their sequence) and then press any numeric or letter key. Use Backspace to delete a hot key.
    2. If the entered hot key is already assigned with a task a conflicting task error will be appeared in this field. If there are several conflicting tasks the first task (in the task list) will be launched with this hot key.
    3. If the box is checked on the task will be not started immediately on pressing a hot key. The warning dialog window will be opened before the start, where you can cancel the task start.
  3. Schedule

    Allow adjusting task start on a schedule.

    Task parameters, Schedule

    Contains the following elements:

    1. Schedule is not used and task will not be started on a schedule.
    2. Task will be started in a time interval. If this option is selected the elements (3) and (4) are active.
    3. Set the starting time and date for the first task launch on a schedule.
    4. Set task repeat interval. You are able to assign numerals from 1 to 9999 and select the needed measuring units.
    5. Start task after the program launch.

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