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File filter wildcards

There are several methods to match filename. You can select the desired method in the pop up menu, which will appear after pressing the button in source folder parameters window. Pop up menu:

Filename mask popup

Having selected the needed variant a template will be entered in the current position of mask field. If it is needed you can add other characters to it.

Mask Template Description

Use it to inserting a mask containing spaces. As you know the space is used as mask separator which contains. Space is being mask separator you need to define the mask beginning and end with double inverted commas.

Inserts a mask delimiter character. Space character is used as separator when it is located outside of double inverted commas.
Question character shows that any character can be used instead of character in the filename. For example, mask example?.doc will match examp1.doc and cancel example10.doc.
* sign shows that any even blank character sequence may be used. For example, example*.doc will found files example1.doc and example10.doc, but will cancel example.txt. If * is located in the file extension such mask will match files with no extension.
Shows that any of characters entered in the mask can be matched. It means that mask <ABC> will select files containing characters A, B or C instead of the character in this place. For example, mask <ABC>.doc will match a file exampleA.doc, but will cancel examplea.doc and exampleD.doc.
Shows that any other character except of those inserted in the mask may be placed here. For example, mask <!ABC> will match exampleD.doc file , but cancel exampleA.doc.
Shows that a character in the range defined in the mask must be placed here. For example mask, example<A-E>.doc will match exampleA.doc, and cancel exampleF.doc.
Shows that any characters sequence (even blank) except of those inserted in the mask may be placed here. For example, example*<0-9>.doń will match example1.doc and example1346.doc, but cancel example1346a.doc.
Shows that any characters sequence (even blank) in the range defined in mask may me placed here. For example, example*<0-9>.doń will match example1.doc and example 1.doc, but cancel example1.doc.

Moreover, you may use relative paths in the masks. In these cases, mask range will be limited with this path. For example, mask Examples\*.doc will match files with doc extension only in Examples folder (If there's no any masks all files will be matched in other folders.). You can apply masks only for action root folder (You must add way separator to it). Mask \*.doc will match doc-files only in root folder and will not match files in subfolders.

If you need to match files in several folders and you don't need to match root folder files you must list these folders in the inclusion mask (Folder1\*;Folder2\) and type in \* in exclusion mask to not match root folder files.


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