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Program options

The window allow adjusting program properties and consists of three tabs.

  1. Interface tab.
    Program options, Iterface Tab

    The tab contains elements for adjusting program interface:

    1. If the box is checked on program will launch minimized in system tray.
    2. On/off toolbar button hints on main window and task properties window.
    3. On/off menu on main window
    4. If the box is checked on background rectangles task list and action list will be displayed in solid color (without shadows) that can sufficiently increase the speed of response on old PCs on in low color video mode.
  2. Log tab.
    Program options, Log Tab

    Program creates log file every day. You can view logs for an every day from log panel located in the main window. The tab contains elements for adjusting logs creation.

    1. If the box is checked on all logs created will be deleted after the defined time interval. Otherwise, the log files will be stored on your hard disk wasting your free disk space.
    2. Allows to define a time period for logs deleting. The element is active only if the box (1) is checked on. You must enter a number in the first field and then select measuring units (days, months or years) from the pop up list in the second field. If a log file is older than entered time period it will be deleted automatically. Program checks logs every time when you launch it and every day on midnight. By default, log files are stored for the last 30 days.
  3. Language tab.
    Program options, Language Tab

    This tab lets you select a language to be used in the program. If a help file is associated with language file, it will be also reassigned. The tab contains two elements.

    1. Available languages list
    2. Help file author.

    Having selected a language user must accept the changes by clicking on the OK button. The changes will affect immediately.


Jun 14, 2006

New version 1.0.18 is released.


Sep 20, 2005

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